PUTinCoin Aidrop Campaign

on the occasion of the dropping of PUTiNZ NFT Collection!

The MIDJOURNEYS artists are very proud to announce, that we could get into a cooperation with the PUTinCoin dev team and acquire 5.1 million PUTinCoins for setting up an outstanding airdrop campaign on the occasion of the dropping of our first NFT collection – the PUTiNZ neuronal study!

PUTinCoin is a independend POS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain, which was founded in 2017 to constitute one of the first meme coins dedicated to a famous politician in the worldwide blockchain community. The PUTinCoin dev team set up this project to show the world, that the blockchain technology connects people and is not seperating them!

We think, that this is a great vision and fits perfectly with our PUTiNZ neuronal NFT study of Vladimir Vladimirovich PUTIN and therefore offer each FIRST OWNER of a PUTiNZ NFT an AIDROP of 100,000 PUTinCoins!!

All you need to do is to get a wallet (mobile, node [if you want to stake new PUT] or web wallet) from https://putincoin.org/wallets and register your ETH address by which you bought your PUTiNZ NFT as well as the transaction hash of the buy and your PUTinCoin wallet address below and we will send your 100,000 PUT into your PUTinCoin wallet!


    , that I am the first owner of the PUTiNZ NFT(s) stored on above ETH address and I am aware, that Midjourneys will check it by exploring the respective blockchain transactions!

    , that I have read the Terms and Privacy Policy!