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Catherine II. – the “reformer”

Catherine II. – the “reformer”

Catherine II. reformed and enlarged Russia! The Northern Black Sea region, Crimea, Kuban region (Krasnodar) and Eastern Georgia became Russian territory.

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Catherine II. was also a great “reformer”. She carried out the reform of the Senate, completed the secularization of church lands, which eased the situation of a million peasants, dissolved hetmanism in Ukraine and unified the administration throughout the Empire. She founded a number of educational institutions, including the first educational institutes for women.

The Empress believed that Russia should take an active position on the world stage and pursue an offensive policy. During her reign, as a result of the Russo-Turkish Wars of 1768-1774 and 1787-1791, the Northern Black Sea region, Crimea, and the Kuban region (Krasnodar) became part of the Russian Empire and Eastern Georgia was placed under Russian Citizenship.

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