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Nicholas II. an educated human!


Nicholas II. an educated human!

Russian Zar Nicholas II. was a very educated human! He was fluent in four languages and received a higher military and higher legal education.

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“The Sovereign was a highly educated person. He was fluent in four languages. In addition to the general education course, being the Heir, he received a higher military and higher legal education. His professors spoke with great praise about His abilities. The Sovereign read a lot. In his reign, despite various complications , the necessary reforms were carried out, and in many ways we were ahead of the West. As I already mentioned, the Sovereign wished only good and was ready to do everything possible to give everyone peace, prosperity and happiness. Being soft-hearted by nature, the Sovereign was an opponent of severe repression and punishments. He could not stand the death penalty, but, despite the desire to abolish it completely, he still did not consider himself entitled to do this, especially in the troubled years of 1905-1906. How much the Sovereign was pleased, if the field court found it possible not to sentence the accused to death and how many serious criminals the Sovereign pardoned and saved them from death! Such was our “cruel” Zar of Russia, and such was “Nicholas the Bloody”, as the revolutionaries and Bolsheviks liked to call him…”

From the memoirs of D. Khodnev

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