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Ivan IV. Vasilyevich – “The TERRIBLE”


Ivan IV. Vasilyevich – “The TERRIBLE”

Ivan IV. Vasilyevich, the eldest son of the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily III. and Elena Glinskaya became famous under the nickname of “the TERRIBLE”!

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Ivan IV. Vasilyevich, nicknamed the “TERRIBLE”, (* 1530; † 1584) – Sovereign, Grand Duke of Moscow and All Rus’ from 1533 to 1584. He was the first church-“crowned” Zar of All Rus’!

The eldest son of the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily III. and Elena Glinskaya. Nominally, Ivan became ruler at the age of three. After the uprising in Moscow in 1547, he ruled with the participation of a circle of close associates – the Chosen Rada. Under him, the convocation of Zemsky Sobors began, the Sudebnik of 1550 was drawn up. Reforms of the military service, the judiciary, public administration were carried out, including the introduction of elements of self-government at the local level. The Kazan, Astrakhan and Siberian khanates were conquered, Bashkiria, part of the lands of the Nogai Horde were annexed. Thus, under Ivan IV., the increase in the territory of the Russian state amounted to almost !!100%!!, from 2.8 million km² to 5.4 million km²!! By the end of his reign, Russia had become larger than the rest of Europe and he left behind a significant literary legacy!

And, by the way, his singing isn’t so terrible at all! 👏

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