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Vasily III. Ivanovich


Vasily III. Ivanovich

Vasily III. Ivanovich, called “Gabriel, in tonsure” was Grand Duke of Vladimir and Moscow, sovereign of all Rus’ and father of Ivan the Terrible!

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Vasily III. Ivanovich, christened with the name Gavriil (* 1479; † 1533) – Grand Duke of Moscow from 1505 to 1533 and sovereign of all Rus’. Son of Ivan III. the Great and Sophia Paleologue, father of Ivan IV. “the Terrible”. Vasily III. continued his father’s policy of “gathering Russian lands” and the gradual abolition of specific principalities. His greatest success in a sharp confrontation with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the capture of Smolensk in 1514. The Pskov Republic and the Ryazan Principality were also annexed to the unified Russian state. During his reign, relations with the post-Horde formations – the Crimean and Kazan khanates – became significantly aggravated.

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