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Nicholas II. – conquering the sky!


Nicholas II. – conquering the sky!

Nicholas II. gained supremacy in the air! More than 20 factories were producing 5,600 aircrafts and the first bomber in the world, the “Ilya Muromets”.

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Thanks to Nicholas II., Russia gained supremacy in the air!

Russia’s first experience with armed aircraft was not until 1911, but by the beginning of World War I (1914), the Russian Imperial Air Fleet was the largest in the world, with 263 aircraft.

By 1917, more than 20 factories had been opened in the Russian Empire, producing 5,600 aircrafts.

For example, the plane “Ilya Muromets”, which appeared in 1913, was the first bomber in the world. This aircraft set world records in terms of cargo capacity, number of passengers, flight time and maximum altitude.

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